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Excelente DMC - Exclusive by nature
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We organize detailed Theme Parties to create a specific atmosphere according to a selected theme:

Among others, we can provide:

bullet Event Room or mise-en-scène
bullet Decoration of the room
bullet Special effects
bullet Staff using adequate uniform
bullet Menu
bullet Animation and shows
bullet Light and sound
bullet Souvenirs


  • Traditional Costa Rican party
  • Jungle Party
  • Caribbean Carnival
  • Folkloric Night
  • Barbecue “Cow-boy” style
  • Aquatic Festival in the Rain Forest
  • Historic “Déjà vue”
  • Indian Heritage
  • Latin American Night
  • Gala in open air
  • Party of the elements: Air-Water-Earth and Fire
  • Ecologic Celebration
  • Vision of the World
  • Beauty and Health

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